1. Log in to the app and tap “Top up”

    Login to your Stables account and select “Top” from the dashboard.
    Don’t see the add money button? We’re still in beta and are slowly letting people try out Stables. We’ll let you know as soon as you can get access ✨

  2. Change Top up method to 'Wallet address'

    Tap “change” and select 'Wallet address' as your preferred top up method.

  3. Copy your Stables wallet address to deposit stablecoins

    To send stablecoins you’ll need to copy your Stables wallet address and jump into your chosen crypto wallet. Head to send, select $USDC or $USDT as your sending asset, enter an amount you’d like to send and paste your Stables wallet address.

    Make sure you select the correct network for your transaction to prevent any losses. We are working on adding support for more networks in the future.

  4. Refresh your app to update your balance.

    You’ll may need to wait a few minutes. Once you see the transaction has completed on Etherscan try refreshing the web app. You should see a new pending transaction, which means we’ve successfully received your stables and have started processing your funds.

  5. Congratulations your deposit is completed!

    Congrats! You’ve finished your stablecoins deposit. 🎉

💬 Have questions, feedback or just want to chat? Jump into our chat feature to start a conversation with us inside the web app.

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