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Why is my Send transaction pending?
Why is my Send transaction pending?
Updated over a week ago

Is your transaction marked as pending and want to know what's going on?

Here are a couple of reasons why your transaction may be pending in your Stables wallet.

Sending fiat to your bank account.

One possible reason is that the deposit is being converted from stablecoins to fiat currency. This process can take some time to complete and appear in your bank account.

Sending stablecoins to your wallet.

Another possible reason is that your send transaction is being processed on the blockchain network.

Blockchain transactions can take some time to be confirmed and added to the blockchain, which can cause delays in the funds appearing in your wallet. It's also possible that a high number of transactions on the blockchain network can slow down the process.

In either case, the transaction will appear in your wallet. If you are concerned about the delay, you can check the transaction status on the blockchain explorer or contact our support team in-app!

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